Not Just Another Millennial Trying to Be Jeremy Clarkson

The internet is full of young people posting their two cents on the automotive world. Having day-dreams of driving the latest hyper cars and getting a taste of the Top Gear life. Some have succeeded in their quest and have produced great videos, reviews, articles, and photos which means there is still hope for my generation in the world of cars and journalism.

But why should someone trust their next car buying decision based off my reviews? I’m not famous, or make more than the President on You Tube. So why do my reviews and articles hold value?

Because I have spent my life, thus far, around cars.

Why Do I Want to Do This?

Because I don’t like the idea of having one steady job for the rest of my life. I enjoy new experiences, good or bad, because I believe that quality of one’s life is based off the stories they tell.

Cars have always been my passion, and writing has quickly become my second passion in life. To me, it makes logical sense that I try to find a way to combine two hobbies into a series of potentially successful careers.

Working in the Automotive Field

I have held over a dozen different jobs, so far. Why?  Because I apply to work in certain jobs just for the experience. I wanted to know what it was like being a:

  • Used Car Salesmen
  • Valet Attendant
  • Rent-A-Car Employee
  • Grease Monkey Changing Oil in 10 minutes or less
  • Antique Car Appraisal Expert
  • Antique Car Dealer

And other positions that weren’t automotive related. I have never been fired from any of my jobs.

Point is, I know what a good hard day’s work feels like and not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I have a lot of experience under my young belt.

Modern Man, Old School Education

I have been very fortunate to have grown up with a car-obsessed father and a very patient mother. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have grown up collecting cars. It started with a 1974 MG Midget, which we sold before I was old enough to reach the pedals. A 1967 Ford F-100 farm truck that we tore apart when I was 14, still own it. But we didn’t start getting serious about collecting cars until 2014. We have around 20 cars in various stages of project status. Mostly GM cars, but only because they found us.

image1 (1)

Being around old cars was a gift for my education. It was the slippery slope that got me interested in music, film, writing, and history.

Yes I am young, but I have a foot in each world. I can talk 60’s muscle cars with people triple my age and switch over to the latest Alfa Romeo with people my own age. I can do both, something not everyone can do. How many 20 somethings do you know that can drive a column-shift manual transmission? Or know what that is?

Behind the Wheel Since I Could Walk

Granted I am only 23 going on 24, but cars have been a part of my life since before I could walk. I come from a family where the car-bug gets stronger with each generation. My grandfather liked cars and used to flip them. My father loves cars and ran his own repair shop in college. I am obsessed with cars and want to build my success in life around them.

I started practicing my motor skills at age 3 with a Indy-Race car shaped pedal car, that had a handbrake for some reason, in the mid-1990’s. The car was for ages 5-8, so I needed a phone book to help me reach the pedals, but after that my parents had to wait until I tired myself out because they couldn’t get out of that car without a fight.

My father taught me how to slide a car around using the handbrake that when pulled would push a bar up against the rear-wheels. He would make figure-8 race tracks on the driveway and time me on how fast I could pedal around before having to park the car in a small space and reverse out. The car had a reverse gear too, its a shame they don’t make educational toys like that anymore.

Over time I upgraded to big-wheels, bicycles, go-karts, until I started driving on the dirt roads of Texas at the age of 12. The rest is just a series of car-accidents, traffic stops, and a lot of life lessons learned the hard way.

Ultimate Goal

I’m a new voice in the automotive world and I plan on making sure everyone hears it. I do hope you all enjoy what I write, because that is my ultimate goal. Create something that people will enjoy and remember.