The Yellow Elephant in the Street

While goofing off on the internet, I came across this news story that happened in San Antonio, Texas, where I currently live.

A story about a package thief who was caught on camera, and later caught by police, thanks to the power of social media. What makes this story funny is the car involved with the crime, a bright yellow Corvette C6.

Is there anything lower on the professional thief food chain than someone who walks up to people’s front steps and swipes Amazon and eBay packages? How much money can one make selling other people’s online clothes and “personal massage” devices? The man in custody is suspected of swiping several packages from a particular neighborhood in San Antonio.

The man was at large until he picked a house that had a surveillance system in place and caught him red-handed. The video shows him taking the package and rushing back to his getaway car – a Chevy Corvette. The home owner posted the video on social media and asked people to be on the look out.

We’ve all seen movies; a clean getaway is done with a precision driver at the wheel of something that blends into traffic and can drive under the radar. A bright yellow sports car, with a name known around the world, doesn’t scream stealth but it does scream “look at me!” Naturally, it’s pretty easy to spot a yellow sports car, even if you don’t know anything about cars.

This Darwin candidate was arrested after someone saw the car and recognized it from social media. The police were notified and quickly came down on the yellow Corvette. The man faces thief charges and other victims who had their packages stolen are filing police reports.

You can watch the brief news report and video footage here: News4 San Antonio