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Why Are We Questioning The Cars Universe?

Building up to the release of Pixar’s Cars 3 the internet has been a blaze with questions about┬áthe universe Pixar created. YouTube videos, automotive websites, are all asking questions like: “Are there car babies? Does that mean cars get married and engage in bedroom activity? Or do they build the car? How do they grow up? Were they once human and turned into cars? Did they kill off the human race and take over?” Stuff like that.

I have a question as well, why on earth are you questioning an animated movie for children? And why only Cars?

Don’t Over Think It

The main reason I love the Cars trilogy is because the whole movie feels like an inside joke. Showing stuff only most car savvy people would understand. Like using the Hudson Hornet to mentor a young stock car on racing. Or using Volkswagen Beetles as “bugs”. I know a lot of people did not enjoy Cars 2, but I liked the aspect of Pacers, Gremlins, and other unpopular cars being casted as henchmen. Its funny! A Rolls Royce to play the Queen of England. The many car puns used in the film. Car people should forget the plot and just enjoy the films for what they are, entertainment. I can’t wait to see what they have done with Cars 3.

My mother has a phrase, “popcorn movies.” Which are movies that are meant for pure entertainment like the Fast & Furious franchise, and basically every action movie made in the 1980’s. Movies where the plot doesn’t really matter as long as you get your money’s worth in excitement, thrills, and overpriced popcorn.

So I say, don’t over think it. Cars is just a mirror of our own society. To make it relatable to the audience.┬áNothing more.


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