The Toyota Truck We’ve Never Seen at Our Local Dealership, the Hilux Diesel

In the United States we have the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, but around the world they have the Toyota Hilux. Introduced in 1968, the Hilux has been sold in an estimated 180 countries worldwide. The nameplate has become synonymous with bulletproof reliability thanks to decades of proven durability. Most of us can remember a few years back when Top Gear tried to kill one of these trucks and failed. They even dropped a building on it and the truck still managed to drag itself out of the rubble. Or the time they drove one up a volcano and to the North Pole. Oh, they also crossed the English Channel in a Hilux that was converted into a speed boat.

Being an American I rarely think about the Hilux, but I recently learned that Toyota was bringing it back to Japan. I didn’t know it had left.

The story goes that in 1997 Toyota discontinued production of the Hilux in Japan. After that, all Hilux trucks were being built in Thailand. In 2004, production stopped altogether. It wasn’t until 2015 that the 8th generation Hilux debuted and now it’s returning to Japan, and buyers are welcoming it with open arms. Even after being gone for 13 years, reports say that there are still around 9,000 owners still using their Hilux and demanding a new generation.

New Hilux trucks will be powered with a <a href="; 2.4 liter diesel engine, with a part-time 4WD system that can also be switched to full-time for off-road use. Hilux Buyers will have five different colors to choose from. I wish we had these in the states, they would sell like hot cakes! Especially in Texas, once consumers saw the Toyota Hilux X-series canopy that is available for these vehicles. The canopy that looks like it came from the factory and offers a side window lift option. An automotive feature that can make a person think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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I’ve been around pickup trucks my entire life. Thanks to growing up in a state known for buying more trucks than any other place. I sympathize with those 9,000 Hilux owners. It must be an exciting feeling to know that their beloved workhorse is coming home. An opportunity to trade in, replace, or buy for the first time, a brand new Toyota Hilux diesel. There’s nothing like breaking in a new work truck.

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