No Pressure to Buy

The San Antonio Auto Show is being held at the Henry B. Gonzalez this weekend from November 9th-12th. This gives anyone the opportunity to walk through a massive showroom filled with the latest vehicles on the market for 2018. People can also satisfy their curiosity by being able to open doors, kick tires, and sit behind the wheel. A more personal experience rather than simply looking at photos online. Best part is that visitors won’t be crowded or pressured by sales reps trying to meet a quota. All manufacture representatives are there to assist people with questions on the vehicles. Not to sell or offer you financing options.

What to See at the 2017 SAAS

Here are some one the vehicles you’ll be able to see in person and learn more about. The San Antonio Auto Show will also be showing collector cars and aftermarket vendors. Ford has a driving simulator that lets you off road a Ford Raptor or take a hot lap in a Ford GT.



First vehicle you’ll notice is Audi’s fastest production vehicle the 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus dressed in a new special edition matte blue finish. A supercar with over 600 horsepower and a 0-60 sprint time of 2.9 seconds. Surrounding the R8 is the rest of Audi’s lineup from the 2018 Q5 to the RS7 Quattro.


Nissan is here showcasing their latest safety features aimed at preventing children from being locked in hot cars. It’s called Rear Door Alert and is available as standard on the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder. What it does is alert the driver if they leave something in the rear seat once they leave the vehicle. The Pathfinder will literally honk at you if you leave something in the back seat. This is the first external audible alert for this kind of safety feature.

How it works is very simple. If a driver opens the rear doors before setting off on a drive the Pathfinder will remember that it was opened. When the driver arrives at the destination and leaves the car the Pathfinder will honk to warn the driver that they did not open the rear door again. The logic being that if you opened the rear door it was to put something in and didn’t take it out when you arrived. This safety feature was developed by two Nissan engineers who wanted a way to prevent children from being left inside hot cars.

Other manufactures have similar warning systems but Nissan is the first to allow the car to honk at you as a reminder. Some of you may be already thinking this and yes there is an off switch to this feature.


The new generation 2018 Ford Mustang is on display along with its Shelby cousin the GT350. During the press conference we were introduced to the Ford F-150 STX which was sporting a new color called Magna Red. Under the showroom lights the color has a black cherry hue. A sport grille makes all the difference in this F-150’s appearance.


Lexus’ flagship sedan the LS 500 is new and improved for 2018. First generation not to offer a V8, and instead will have a twin turbo V6 producing 415 horsepower. The interior is where the LS 500 will make the best impression. Silk hand folded door accent, massaging chairs with retractable foot rest for the rear passengers to make them feel like their sitting in Business Class while stuck in traffic. The LS 500 isn’t even on the market yet!


Ram introduce the last special edition Ram 1500 for its current generation. A limited edition 1500 in Hydro blue with blacked out wheels and blue accents in the interior. Only 2,000 trucks will be made in this paint color.

Visit Your Local Auto Shows!

So if you happen to be in San Antonio this weekend spot by the Henry B. Gonzalez center and take a tour of the 2017 San Antonio Auto Show. It’s like surfing the internet for your next new car but in real life. All the options laid out in front of you with full 360 views and interactive interiors.


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