LCW Automotive Corp. From the Big Apple to the Alamo City

LCW Automotive Corporation is family operated limousine Coachbuilding Company. Certified with Cadillac, Ford Lincoln Motor Company, Mercedes Sprinter, and Metris. LCW has been in the limo coachbuilding business for over 45 years since it was first founded in 1972. Originally based in New York City, LCW would end up working with another limousine coachbuilding company across the border in Nuevo Laredo in 1979.


The partnership was importing limos from Nuevo Laredo and selling them in the United States. By the late 80’s LCW was given the opportunity to buy out the operation in Nuevo Laredo and by 1992 the company was retooled to meet the growing enterprise.

In 2005, LCW moved its headquarters to San Antonio, Texas, and haven’t looked back. With over 45 years of experience in luxury conversations to fall back on LCW is proud to be an in-house operation. They build and install their own rocker panels, interiors, wood trim, electrical wiring, and body work.

While touring the shop it was interesting to observe the employees working in each station. The shop itself, while large, was quiet and peaceful. Everyone working to their own rhythm without skipping a beat. Men with age in their hair and skill in the movement of their hands. True Coachbuilders.

Custom Work

They build limousines on Lincoln Motors and Cadillac under certified agreements, as well as custom work for anyone looking to add a few inches to their vehicle’s wheelbase (so long as it’s not a Ford or GM product). These custom projects includes adding 48 inches to a 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom for a customer in the Middle East.

Or a stretched 2013 Mercedes G-wagon, complete with armored bullet proof windows and bomb proof undercoating for a customer in Nigeria. I’d never seen a bi-turbo V8 limousine with side pipes before, and made a mental note to buy one if I ever win the Texas Mega Millions. I hope I never find myself needing a limo like this, but wanting one is a different story.

Only Limousine Company that Builds Class B RV’s

In addition to building limos for VIP’s and prom dates, LCW also builds recreational vehicles under their brand JetstreamRV.

Jetstream takes Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 vans and converts them into luxury buses, Corporate Offices, RV’s, and camper vans. The beauty is that these Sprinter vans are large enough to be used for this kind of conversion without needed a commercial license to operate them. The V6 turbo diesel is already capable of handling the added weight while still being able to tow 5,000 lb., and comes with a Mercedes warranty.

Need a party bus without the headache of driving a bus? No problem. Want an RV you can parallel park downtown? JetstreamRV has you covered. Looking for a camper van to take around the world? Look no further.

JetstreamRV offers 3 different styles of seating for their Sprinter RV’s:

Designed with camping in mind. It offers a full size bed with plenty of storage space underneath. A bathroom with shower, kitchen, and can sit and sleep 4 people comfortably.


This is more of an ultimate road tripper. You get a sofa that reclines into a bed with more seating. The same bath and kitchen setup, but the Scorpio can seat up to 7 people in total comfort, and sleep 4.


The family truckster of the three. This model can accommodate up to 10 people, sleep 4, while still providing kitchen and bath.


All models include flat screen televisions with surround sound audio, gallery kitchens equipped with microwave, refrigerator, full bathroom with shower, and a 13,000 BTU air conditioning unit. One added touch that I thought was really cool is that each model comes with their own respected pin dot star constellation in the celling.

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Check out them out for yourself at

A Big Thanks to the LCW Family

I really appreciate the Boyar family taking the time to show me around the LCW shop and learn about JetstreamRV. LCW Automotive Corp. proves that you never know what you may find in your own community. Like a world renowned limousine manufacturing company.


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