Dynamic Racing Baja 1000 Adventure

2017 was the 50th running of the famed Baja 1000. One of the toughest off road racing events in the world. A 1000 mile race across the desert with only a GPS line to guide you. In a race where the track is alive, and can change from one hour to another, speed is key. The Baja 1000 is an off-road endurance race that tests the build quality of machine, body, and soul.

Watch Christine Zonca, Co-driver Luy Galan, and the rest of Dynamic Racing Team tackle the Baja 1000! From literal dust to glory, team Dynamic Racing surpasses everyone expectations as they complete the race in 33 hours and finish in the top 10 of their class! Rollovers, breakdowns, and cows, aren’t just obstacles on Baja 1000 their part of the journey.

It’s a full throttle off-road adventure starring the DIY racer herself (Christine GZ) and Dynamic Racing, the team helping to make Christine’s high-octane motorsport dreams an ambitious reality.


You’ve Read the Story, Now Watch the Movie!

Below is the link to Dynamic Racing’s YouTube Channel where you can see the full movie of their epic desert run. Enjoy!