The Great American Off-Road Race

Christine GZ and Team Dynamic Racing buy the ticket and take the ride at the 50th running of The Mint 400 on March 10th. The team shared their thoughts on this upcoming off-road challenge:

“Everything is just a mindset”, said Christine. “It’s time to move on from being Rookies. I want to win.”

Co-driver Luy shared similar thoughts, “The Baja 1000 showed us what we are capable of. We want to keep consistency in our training and racing events. We want to push for a podium finish.”

Christine GZ (left) and Co-driver Luy Galan (right)

Confidence is nothing without determination and these women have a surplus of both. History has shown us that a challenge with something to prove often makes for great racing. In the world of motorsport, it doesn’t matter how well funded or large a team is because it all comes down to pure skill and teamwork – and a little bit of luck.

Team Dynamic Racing at the Mint 400

This year marks the 50th anniversary since the first official Mint 400. Team Dynamic Racing have been preparing for this race since they got back from the Baja 1000 where they places 7th in their class. They will be racing in Canam X3 off-roaders. Number #906 will be driven by Paul Kraus with Co-driver Billy Gear. Number #962 driven by Christine GZ and Luy Galan.


This year Dynamic Racing is scheduled to race in 11 different events! This will also be the first full racing season for Christine GZ and Co-driver Luy Galan. The Canam X3’s will be running stronger than ever thanks to support provided by Maglock USA, J.Juan Brakes, Factory UTV, Weddle Racing Gears, and KC Hilites. We’ll keep you updated on their high-speed adventure throughout the year. Starting with the unforgiving Nevada desert in the city of sin.

What is the Mint 400?

The origins of this, now legendary, racing event started with a publicity stunt for a hotel. In 1967, Norm Johnson was the owner of the Mint Hotel in Las Vegas and wanted to draw attention to his place. What he did was get two matching dune buggies and have them drive across the desert in a 600 mile race to the Sahara Hotel in California.

The publicity stunt worked, maybe too well. It gained the attention of off-road enthusiasts who wanted to take part in the challenge the Mint unintentionally offered. An off-road race in the middle of the desert in America’s playground – Las Vegas.

Anyone who liked speed, dust, endurance, and had a free weekend, jumped at the chance to enter the race.


The Mint 400’s 20 Year Hiatus

The Mint Hotel was sold in 1988 which threaten the end of the event. The race continued through 1989 until the new owner of the Mint, Jack Binion, felt the race was more of a disturbance to his other casinos on Fremont Street. That forced the Mint 400 into a 20 year hiatus.

In 2008, General Tire and Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiast group (SNORE) dusted off the Mint 400 event and brought it back to sin city. After a few year SNORE sold the rights to the event to film and television producers Matt and Joshua Martelli who have been organizing the event since with the help of industry veteran Casey Folk.



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