Las Vegas is a Car Town

Usually when people think of Las Vegas they think of triple 7’s, Sinatra, heat, and discount buffets. A city born from the twinkle in a gangster’s eye and built in the middle of the desert. Money plays and the house always wins, but even if you lose your shirt at the casino there is one small silver linning – it’s a great town for car spotting.

During my week in Sin City I took advantage of checking out a few famous car collections. Count’s Kustoms and Celebrity Cars, which you’ve probably heard of thanks to shows like Counting Cars and Pawn Stars.

Count’s Kustoms offers free tours of Danny Koker’s personal automotive collection at his shop in downtown Vegas. Celebrity Cars is more of a dealership that specializes in rare, vintage, or famous collector vehicles.

Count’s Kustoms

One thing I’ve always admired about Danny “the Count” Koker is his diversity when it comes to his tastes in cars. The man is a true car-guy. First car you seen when you step into the showroom is a white Lamborghini Countach with a Shelby 427 Cobra across from it.


Lamborghini Countach 
427 Shelby Cobra


As you go along the shoehorn loop around the room you start to see some familiar wheels. Vehicles that have appeared on the show that the Count ended up keeping for himself.

From race cars to a Superfly Eldorado and a Hearse that would make Herman Muster jealous. Count’s Kustoms offers a visual marvel that rivals the lights on the Vegas strip if you’re an auto enthusiast. The best part is that is 100% free and family friendly.


Cadillac Eldorado 


Celebrity Cars Las Vegas

Just off I-15 Celebrity Cars Las Vegas is a high-end showroom with a wide spectrum of cars. A Heritage Ford GT, low mileage 1970 Yenko Nova, and 1963 Oldsmobile Jet Fire turbocharged with a methanol injected V8. They even have Tupac’s 1996 BMW 7 Series on display with a $1.5 million dollar sticker price. Unlike most tire kicking used car lots here the rules are simple – look but don’t touch!

Celebrity Cars LV also hosts a weekly car show every Saturday morning from 7-10 am at Sansone Park Place. It serves as a way to stay in touch with potential clients while providing a weekend activity for the community. Who doesn’t love a good car show on the weekend?

One vehicle that caught my eye was a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a supercharged 472 Hemi engine pumping 1000hp and sitting on rubber bands for tires.

Another was a mint condition 1998 Pontiac Firebird WS6 Ram Air in Knight Rider black which still looks modern, and uber cool. Anyone can walk in to check out these cars, or see the full inventory on their website at

I did stop by the Shelby America headquarters, but I have so much material that it earned its own solo article. Stay tuned.

Cruising the Strip

I need to make another trip to Las Vegas just to cruise around neighborhoods on car spotting safaris. The dry climate allows vintage cars to age gracefully and maintain their daily driver endurance. Not to mention that you do see a lot of exotic super cars and high-dollar custom builds just rolling along Las Vegas Boulevard.




Count’s Kustoms Gallery 


Celebrity Cars Gallery


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