Interstate 70, West of Glenwood Springs at Midnight

Colorado State Police spot a dark colored Ford Mustang traveling at 140 mph.

When CSP begin to give chase with lights and sirens the unknown driver accelerates to 150 mph! CSP calls off pursuit after considering it too dangerous to continue. Double the speed limit on dark mountain roads is a recipe for disaster. The safety of innocent oncoming motorists had to be taken into consideration.

CSP were unable to identify the year or license plate of the “older model” Ford Mustang. They couldn’t even come close to it.

Its very important to state that it is NEVER A GOOD IDEA to try and outrun police. Especially in today’s society where everyone has a camera in their pocket. The odds are that even if you do escape someone, somewhere, will catch it on film. No to mention the old motto, “You can’t outrun a Motorola.

Traveling at those speeds is not something you’re typical inexperienced driver can do without spraying metal and glass all over the road. Who ever the Mustang driver was at least had some kind of experience, and lottery winning good luck, to even attempt that kind of speed on that particular highway. It’s not like it was running down a dead straight Texas highway in the middle of the day. This was midnight in the Rocky Mountains!

Now, this is not a major news website. This is a tiny automotive website so its safe to say that we understand that running away from police is reckless, stupid, and begging for a death wish. Having said that… I’ve yet to meet an enthusiast who hasn’t fantasied about doing this very same thing.

It’s like being friends with the kid who pulled the fire alarm in school. You know that you would personally never do it, but that it wouldn’t stop you from high-fiving the kid that does it.

What Kind of Mustang Do You Think it Was?

Since the CSP isn’t saying if they have video footage of the Mustang. Probably to give the driver a false since of victory before they track the car down. What kind of dark colored older Mustang do you think it was?

A 2013 Shelby GT500? Or Super Snake? Maybe a garage built hotrod pony with a tuned suspension? Hell, maybe it was Memphis Raines joy riding in his Eleanor.


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