Off-Road Battle at Riverside Casino

Just one month after inserting the 50th Mint 400 under their belt Team Dynamic Racing is set to take on their next challenge the Best in the Desert Racing Association has to offer, the UTV World Championship.

The Polaris RZR UTV World Championship is sponsored by Monster Energy. The race will take place later this week April 5-7th at the Riverside Casino & Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. This event has become the go-to event for the leading industries in off-roading to showcase their products out in the field in the best way possible, Motorsport.

This year, Team Dynamic Racing will be going wheel to wheel with some of the best drivers in their Turbo UTV class. Close quarter racing at the start line will decide who gets to the off-road desert course first and stand out from the pack. Having UTV’s racing side by side can high-octane adrenaline fueled chaos as they can easily be launched into the air by driving over each other’s tires like gymnast on a spring board. Rollovers, bumps, and crashes are all part of the sport.

Driver Jason Farrell and Co-driver Billy Gear will be racing in #906 “Guacky” with Christine GZ and Co-driver Luy Galan in their #962 “Bucky”. Team Dynamic will be loaded for bear in their turbo green machines from Factory UTV. New parts from sponsors have armed them with what they need to put their skill out on the desert course.Safety gear from Maglock, a rebuilt gearbox from WEDDLE Industries, and new brakes from JJuan Racing are Team Dynamic’s weapons for this Mad Max desert race.

Event start April 5th for a chance to meet your favorite teams and drivers. Race day is on April 7th. Don’t miss out on what is shaping to be another flat-out adventure for Christine, Luy, and the entire Team Dynamic crew.


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