Dynamic Racing at 2018 UTV World Championship

The 2018 UTV World Championship came and went this past weekend in Laughlin, NV at the Riverside Casino and Resort. Dynamic Racing Team was there to fling rooster tails in the desert with some of the best off-road racers in North America. During which lead driver Christine GZ and co-driver Luy Galan delivered one impressive driving performance.

The UTV Turbo class consisted of 9 laps around a 17 mile off-road course. Unlike other forms of motorsport the track has a life of its own in off-road racing. Every lap, every mile, and every turn, changes as vehicles tenderize the course with speed and weight.

Christine GZ and Luy started the race at the bottom of the pack in 55th place. During the second to last lap their #962 punctured a tire and had to complete the lap on flat.

They stopped to do a tire change during the final lap of the race before finishing in 13th overall. That’s 42 positions they made up during the race. A tremendous accomplishment considering these women were up against racers double, triple, their racing experience.


Experience vs. Ambition

A lot of race car drivers start off at an early age. For example, the UTV World Championship hosts a race for youth drivers in 170 cc and 250 cc UTV’s. I bring this up to point out the power of ambition.
Christine started racing only a few years ago. In less than half a decade she has earned the right to call herself a racer as both a rally driver and international off-roader. Climbing 42 positions in a race that’s under 10 laps only proves that she just getting warmed up. It’s only a matter of time until we start seeing her name on podium press releases.

Experience may be earned, but ambition is something you’re born with. Christine GZ was born to race.



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