Dustin Jones Jumps in the Driver Seat with Dynamic Racing

Racecar drivers are a unique breed with an overdrive gear in their head. They bond over a competitive nature, and high-speed Zen, but each one has an individual reason for wanting to jump into a race car. Reasons can range from a family tradition, chasing fame and fortune, a passion for it, or simply avoiding a desk job.

Christine GZ races for the thrill of the drive – pure and simple. Then there are drivers like Dustin Jones. The kind that race because they like overcoming the odds in a challenge. Dustin Jones has become an equalizer in many ways both on and off the desert track.


Nobody saw this young driver from Louisiana, a state famous for swamps, to be a born natural desert racer. Dustin “Battle Axe” Jones made a name for himself when he won Mint 400 on his first attempt in the Pro UTV division. Jones took 1st place on his third desert racing event ever! A living example of how underestimating someone can blow dirt in your face.

Dustin Jones will be splitting the 500 mile desert haul with Christine GZ in the UTV Turbo class at the Baja 500 next Friday. Dynamic Racing couldn’t be prouder to have Dustin Jones racing under their neon green and black team colors.

A chance to race with a major league driver; having Dustin Jones as a team member is an amazing opportunity for Dynamic Racing.


50th Baja 500 Race Day is June 2nd

Follow us on social media! Dynamic Racing will be preparing for the BF Goodrich SCORE Baja 500 as we survey a 541 miles course through the scenic Baja Mexico desert. A major challenge that promises to push our abilities to the edge, and we welcome it!

You will be able to watch us LIVE during the race. Links will be promoted as soon as they are available on race day.

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