The 50th Running of the Baja 500

Dynamic Racing picked a historic year to race the entire Best in the Desert Off Road Series. After completing the 50th Mint 400 earlier in March (UTV Championship in April) Christine GZ and Luy Galan are currently down to Mexico preparing for the 50th running of the Baja 500 this weekend on June 2nd.

Christine & Luy, Making New Friends Wherever They Go

This year, the BF Goodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500 promises to be more challenging than ever! Officials have mapped the course with a total distance of 541.12 miles making it the longest in the event’s history. The size of the course has even extended the time limit to 22 hours to give teams a reasonable chance at finishing.

The scenic views of Baja California will be breathtaking as the course elevations rollercoaster between sea level and over 3000 feet. Teams will race the clock as they blaze through the course as fast as they can through:

  • Sand that feels like powdered sugar and sticks like glitter.
  • Desert canyons and washes littered with tire stabbing rocks.
  • High-speed beaches that can wash away traction.

The race course is a greatest hits anniversary collection of all that Mexico’s Baja Desert has to offer for these unique breed of speed freaks.


Race Day June 2nd

Follow Dynamic Racing on social media this week leading up to the race on June 2nd. You’ll get a chance to see Christine GZ and Luy Galan prepare for the BF Goodrich SCORE Baja 500. Surveying a 541 miles course that will change as Mother Nature breathes. Another adventures that promises gorgeous views, dangerous thrills, and exhausting labor. They wouldn’t want it any other way!

You will be able to watch Dynamic Racing LIVE during the race. Links will be promoted as soon as they are available on race day.

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