The Baja  Spain

In 1983, those who lived for high-speed sun burns and sand filled pours had trouble filling the time between Dakar and Baja 1000. A new off-road racing event had to be organized. A group of French and Spanish enthusiasts decided to take responsibility in finding a new playground to create such a challenge for these unique racing individuals.

While scouting in Northern Spain they came across Aragon, a semi-desert landscape that can take a person’s breath away in appearance alone. It was prefect. Challenging terrain, beautiful (potentially distracting scenery), and wide open spaces for a 1,000km (621 mile) off-road raid event. Thus, the first Baja Spain was founded. The first running was called Montesblancos since the starting point was near the Montesblancos Casino.

These days the event is known as the Baja Espana Aragon (Baja Spain Aragon) and is considered a prestigious off-roading event on the international calendar. Christine GZ may have Italian blood in her veins, mixed with a dash of 101 premium octane, but she calls Spain her home. It’s fitting that her next race this year will be the Baja Spain (a 3-day event), and will be running it with her person she trusts most at high speed – Luy Galan.

Team Dynamic Racing is going overseas!

The Road to Dakar

Daytona 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Cannonball Run, and Dakar, what do all of these events have in common? Each one is the top tier, race above all races, in each respected area of motorsport.

When Christine and Luy aren’t burning up the desert sands of North America they are overseas in Europe taking on any off-road event they can get access to. Why? Because that’s what they do. A painter has to paint, a chef needs to cook, a politician enjoys to lie, and a racer lives to race. “Everything else is just waiting.”

For Christine GZ, the Dakar is more than just another prestigious motoring event on her resume. It’s THE motoring event. One of the most dangerous off-road races in the world – Christine’s dream. The peak of her summit. The point where her ambition will finally give her a rest, but only for a second. The goal that once met will make everything that comes after feel like a bonus. The dirt crusted cherry on top of a sundae ice cream treat.


The Baja Spain will be a sample-taste of what the Dakar will throw at her, and it is exactly what Dynamic needs to test their skill against a juggernaut event. After all, 80% of competitors in the Dakar are amateur, but Christine GZ, Luy Galan, and Dynamic, have proven that they have overtaken amateur status a long time ago.

Team Dynamic Racing, International Off-road Racers

Supplying the necessary wheels for the Baja Spain is courtesy of South Racing who will be providing Christine and Luy with a CAM AM X3 racer (Dressed in Dynamic Racing livery). Backing Team Dynamic Racing, as always, will be sponsors: Maglock USA, J.Juan Brakes, Factory UTV, Weddle Racing Gears and KC Hilites.


The Dynamic Ladies have time, youth, and support in their favor. The only thing bothering them from now until the start line is the impatience that rides shotgun with anticipation.

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See you all on race day JULY 20-22th !

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