Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino Escape Injury During Ford Escort RS Cosworth Crash

Ken Block and Co-driver Alex Gelsomino managed to escape unharmed after a crash at the New England Forest Rally, in Newry, Maine.

Helmet cam footage shows that a mis-shift caused the car to clip a rock and sent the Ford Escort Cosworth into a rollover. When it came to rest it caught fire and quickly engulfed the entire car. Block and Gelsomino got out in time to watch RS Cosworth be shallowed whole by the flames leaving nothing but a smoldering shell of its former glory.

Video below shows helmet cam footage.

Every Car Enthusiast’s Worst Nightmare

This crash hits us all at an emotional level because this wasn’t just another mule rally car. This was a 1991Ford Escort RS Cosworth that Block spent a year giving it the Hoonigan touch. The Cosworth had just stepped into the public eye earlier this year in April with plans on being a rally car and appearing in Gymkhana TEN this fall.


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A damn shame. 

It’s too early to say if Block will restore what is left of the Cosworth, but anyone who has built a vehicle is taking a moment of silence today. These are the moments when one is forcibly reminded that our hobby/lifestyle is a double-edged sword. It takes as quickly as it gives.