Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge 2018

This past weekend Detroit saw cloudy skies and a lingering smell of burnt rubber as Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge took place in Pontiac, MI.

Roadkill Nights is a one day weekend event that celebrates the horsepower wars of the late 1960’s and early 70s. Hosted by the wrench masters of Motor Trend’s Roadkill (David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan) and a gaggle of automotive celebrities, to do what muscle cars do best – drag race and tattoo pavement with rubber. Taking place on the historic Woodward Avenue adds a filter of nostalgia to the whole event.

Dodge sponsors the event which means there was plenty of supercharged Hemi tire torture taking place. Along with dyno testing, SRT simulators, exhibition drag racing, burnout competitions, food trucks, etc. All for less than the cost of a movie ticket.

Gas Monkey See, Gas Monkey Oops

Part of the event are showdown races amongst automotive celebrities. Fast n Loud host Richard Rawlings had to go up against professional NHRA Top Fuel racer Leah Pritchett. At the start of the race Rawlings, who sometimes has a rep for being a showoff, was out smoked by Pritchett during the tire warmup burnout. So what do you if you just been outgunned? Give it more gas!

Rawlings let the throttle drop and the Widebody Hellcat Challenger SRT pushes its front wheels along leaving a steam train trail of tire smoke behind him. The only problem was that when green light hit his wheels were still spinning. Pritchett was already well on her way down the strip forcing Rawlings to glue his foot to the floor to catch up. However, those of us that have been in this situation know that going full throttle while your wheels are still spinning and in a counter steer is a recipe for disaster.

The laws of physics take no mercy on car enthusiasts and all it took was a moment of traction to send the Challenger into a sudden left and kiss the concrete block. The impact was hard enough to send the car bouncing off the wall and even moved the concrete divider slightly. The only reported injury was Rawlings ego and some added “character” to one of Dodge’ fleet.

Not to mention pay a loser’s bet. Rawlings played it off well and has been a good sport about it. He had no other choice when cameras are in your face. But I imagine he gave himself a swift kick in the pants behind closed doors, because that’s what all of us would do. Doesn’t matter how famous a car-person is, damaging a ride in front of a crowd is not anyone’s idea of fun. Just ask a lot of Mustang owners. (I kid).

Here’s the link to the video footage of the whole ordeal.