Romano Fenati Grabs Brake Lever of Stefano Manzi Bike at 130mph

Romano Fenati is currently in his rookie year in Moto2 and quickly putting his name in the headlines when he was disqualified for “irresponsible riding” after he grabbed Stefano Manzi’s brakes on a straight away.

Motivation for this stunt could have come from earlier in the race when Manzi tried to pass Fenati during a difficult turn on the inside line. Both rider made contact and ran off the track losing several positions and points.

Fenati has a reputation for pulling stunts like this. He repeatedly kicked out at Moto3 rider, and rival, Niklas Ajo in 2015. Fenati even turned off Ajo’s bike during practice starts in Argentina that same year. In 2016, Fenati was let go by Valentino Rossi’s Sky VR46 programme. This came after his Moto3 team suspended him for “behavior not in line with the disciplinary rules of the team“.

Joining the Moto2 was suppose to be in line with getting his career back on track, but after pulling this stunt who knows what awaits him. There is not way to justify it and besides being incredibility dangerous it also makes Fenati look petty.  Pulling the brakes on your opponent during a race is something siblings do while playing Mario Kart. Not during a race at over 100 mph on two wheels.