The Morris Minor Car Chase

The Morris Minor is a compact British car that was built for several decades (1948-1971). The British Ford Falcon, that looks like a smaller Volvo PV55 (in my opinion) and has zero performance qualities. Nothing that would even flirt with the idea of the Minor being anything but a “cheap and cheerful” means of transportation.

The Morris Minor was offered as a coupe, sedan, convertible, and even pickup truck.

Over the weekend, in West Yorkshire, UK, someone decided to steal a bright red orange 1967 Morris Minor. Why? Maybe the car thief needed the practice on something with no computers. Maybe the driver was just a massive fan of the Minor. Regardless of the reasons, the driver gave police a spectacle when they started giving pursuit.

The West Yorkshire Police released dash cam footage of the Minor ripping through an intersection with the chorography of a Hollywood car chase. The driver showed some serious Wheelman ability by swerving around 3 different cars in seconds before darting into a right hand turn. This would be impressive in a new Mustang, but a 1967 Morris Minor with a 1000 cc engine? That’s downright badass!

Even the police had to hint at their amazement by posting the dash am video on Twitter and asking how the driver didn’t manage to crash. News reports say that the driver was caught and the Minor was unharmed during its joy ride. Owner must be relieved, and a little proud of his/her Morris.

Here’s the Link of the released Dash cam footage: