Bootz the Auto Toon

At the end of 2018 I started Auto Toonz, a cartoon comic series featuring a star character named Bootz. Each drawing is done free hand and features a joke catered to the automotive enthusiast community. I do not consider myself a professional artist by any means, but I take pride and labor over what I often refer to as my “doodles”.

Drawing, for me, started at age three with a dusty photo album to prove it, but never saw it as anything other than just something I did. Throughout my schools years all my notebooks were covered with random drawings and boredom inspired scribbles. They were mostly drawings of cars and trucks because that’s all I know. The jokes for Auto Toonz try to find a balance between obscure and obvious ranging between automotive stereotypes, automotive history, and jokes relating to what people who love cars often go through.

The Bootz character pays homage to the great Burnt Reynolds with a sharp angled cowboy hat, and high collar jacket. Bootz never leaves home without aviator sunglasses and considers cowboy boots ideal driving footwear. Simply put, Bootz is a good ol’ cowboy who prefers cars over horses.

You can see my latest work on social media where I try to post multiple Auto Toonz comics per week.

Instagram: @bootz_the_autotoon

Facebook: Auto Toonz