Trucker Songs

Songs you don’t hear anymore. Poems set to music about the life of the interstate nomads that hauls goods and supplies across the country. Back during the heyday of the 1970’s when truckers were being written as main characters in action movies, given outlaw status, and created their own language over the citizen band radio waves.

I recently came across this song released in 2013 by Midland called Fourteen Gears. Written by Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, and Mark Wystrach. Produced by Big Machine Label Group LLC. The song is about a truck driver thinking about his special lady as he uses all “14 gears” on his Peterbilt to “get her back” in his arms. Its a song from the 2010’s that captures the nostalgia of the cowboy songs that used to praise 18-wheeling gear jammers of the 1970’s – right down to the mustache.

Check out Fourteen Gears by Midland for a good song to coast the highway on cruise control.