The Art of Manufacturing

During the unveiling of the new redesigned 2019 Mazda3 hatchback and sedan, Mazda has been screening a short film documentary titled “The Art of Manufacturing”. The film gives the audience a brief but detailed explanation of the pain staking process that goes into incorporating the art of Kona (soul of motion) into their vehicle design.

The film is less than 3 minutes long but it can give any Mazda owner, fan, or admirer a sense of pride for being enthusiastic towards this always unique automotive manufacture. Companies like Ford and GM, or Honda and Toyota, are always seen side by side like burger and fries. Mazda has always been a stand alone with a history of iconic vehicles that find the apex between fun and affordability.

In the Art of Manufacturing, the opening line is “We are a company of craftsmen”. In order to create the master metal molds used to stamp out body panels Mazda’s manufacturing engineers went through over 12,000 grinding stones before finding one that worked. The accuracy of the metal molds is a fraction of the width of a human hair. The point of this video is to show Takumi (master craftsmen) sculpt the metal molds by hand using the specially developed grinding stone that met Mazda’s requirements. It takes 20 years of apprenticeship before one can achieve the title of Takumi.

When you look at the latest vehicles Mazda has to offer all you have to do is run your hand down the side to feel the work that went into making its shape.
One usually associates this level of OCD attention to detail and presentation to vehicles with Italian names and six figure price tags. When you take into account that the new 2019 Mazda3 have new interior layouts designed to cater to how the human body moves and you start to see Mazda in an all new light. The cherry on top is that with a slogan like “Feel Alive” you can trust that a new Mazda will be fun to driver too.

See the video for yourself by clicking the link below: