Framing John DeLorean on IFC

The father of the Pontiac GTO, Chevy Vega, and the Delorean is finally getting his own movie – sort of. IFC is producing a documentary/reenactment bio-pic of John Z. Delorean starring Alec Baldwin as the Z man. The film is called Framing John Delorean.

This film will tell the story of the man from people who knew him best, including his son and daughter. The Producer of the film, Tamir Ardon, actually knew Delorean personally. The two hour film/doc will cover from his start as the youngest divison head at GM to being acquitted drug trafficking charges and all the money, power, and fast cars in between.

Baldwin will also be playing himself giving commentary about playing Delorean during the documentary side of the film. It sounds complicated but it fits Delorean’s style for the unconventional that made him such a charismatic feature in the automotive world. Framing John Delorean is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 24 until May 5. It will be screen in select theaters and on-demand steaming on June 7th.

As a personal fan of the John Zachary Delorean and Alec Baldwin I cannot wait to see this film.