Dynamic Racing Back in Mexico to Run the Baja 500

Halfway point on Dynamic Racing’s year on the Road to Dakar takes us back to Baja California for the 51st Baja 500. Christine GZ has traveled all the way from Spain to her second home across the ocean in America in order to prepare for this race. Co-driving for Christine at the Baja 500 will be Ricardo Torlaschi, who helped Christine finish top 3 in two different stages at the 2019 Sonora Rally earlier this year. They will be racing in one of the two Dynamic Racing UTV’s entering the Baja 500. Driver Paul Kraus, and Co-driver Jason Ferrell, will be racing in the second Dynamic Racing UTV.



Dynamic Racing is exciting to announce that we will have a 3rd driver that will split time one of our turbo UTV’s. Argentine rally driver Federico Villagra will be running the 2019 Baja 500 with Dynamic Racing Team. Villlagra is part of Iveco’s official Dakar race team. Several years of Dakar and rally racing experience make Villagra an invaluable resource our Dynamic Racing Team. It is exciting and an honor to have a top tier off road racer joining us on our Road to Dakar.

Apart from our international driving team Dynamic Racing will also be joined by Brazilian Motorsport Broadcaster Leticia Datena, working for Fox TV. She will be following us throughout the Baja 500 giving you behind the scenes coverage @leticiadatena on Instagram. Having her at Baja 500 will give Dynamic a magnified voice to announce our presence and put a spotlight on Christine GZ. We cannot be more excited to have Leticia Datena as part of Dynamic Racing Team at the 2019 Baja 500.



Racing the Baja 500 will be a challenging adventure, but with Maxxis Tires, Vision Wheels, and Baja Designs, supporting Dynamic Racing we have all the confidence in the world. Along with support from Fox Shocks, Maglock USA, Factory UTV, and Weddle Racing Gears keeping our race cars in top performing condition. Events leading up to the start of the 51st 2019 Baja 500 starts May 29th, in Estero Beach, Ensenada, BC, Mexico. Dynamic Racing will be in Baja California days before that to meet and greet fans during race contingency. The Baja 500 starts June 1st.

Follow us on Instagram @christinegz @dynamicracing @gazoline2dakar to know where we will be so you can meet Christine GZ and wish her good luck!