Ford v Ferrari (2019) Film

20th Century Fox (aka Disney) released the first trailer for the film Ford vs. Ferrari which is set to premiere November of this year. The film tells the true story of when Ford recruited Carroll Shelby to build a car that would beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. Carroll Shelby, and driver Ken Miles, would end up creating one of the most legendary iconic race cars of all time the Ford GT40 in just 90 days! (Spoiler alert!) Ford beats Ferrari in 1966… and 1967, 1968, and 1969. It made Ken Miles a racing legend, Shelby a Ford prince, and petrol and gear heads around the world got a fantastic story.

Its a story about vengeance if you think about it. Ford wanted to boost sales through racing, so they tried to buy Ferrari. A deal was struck, but at the final meeting Enzo Ferrari walked out and insulted Henry Ford II who then told executives to make him a car that would beat Ferrari at their own game. Kick starting the story you’ll be seeing on the big screen.


After watching the trailer my first impressions were:
“Where did all the cars come from?”
“Are those real GT40s, Ferraris, and Cobras?”
“Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby? Really?”
Realistically, Disney could use their Marvel and Star Wars moneys to use real GT40s and Ferraris, like stunt cars in the Fast n Furious franchise. Thankfully, these cars are probably kit cars combined with CGI magic for the wrecks featured in the movie.
Christian Bale (Batman) as Ken Miles is a good casting choice since Bale is a chameleon when it comes to playing characters both fictional or based on real people. Lee Iaccoca is played by Jon Bernthal (the Punisher) which I think is a huge flattering to the real Iaccoca who didn’t quite have the same physical build that Bernthal does.

My biggest concern is having Jason Bourne playing my Texas hero Carroll Shelby. Not to say that Matt Damon cannot do the job, I just don’t see him as Shelby from what I saw in the trailer – even with a black Stetson. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.




Nevertheless, I’m excited that 2019 has so many car movies being announced and released.
Ford v Ferrari set to be released in November.
Framing John DeLorean on June 7th (story later this week)
The Art of Racing in the Rain, a film about a dog (voiced by Kevin Costner) who grows up with a race car driver for an owner and wants to be a racer. Its basically Marley and Me with race cars. Set to be released in August. 2019 is an exciting year to be a movie/car buff. A breath of fresh air from constant superhero crap.