Stuntman Joe Watts Suffers Injury on Fast 9 Set

On Monday, July 22th,  production was halted on the set of Fast 9 after stuntman Joe Watt’s fell 20 feet from an elevated set suffering a serious head injury. The accident happened at the Leavensden studios in London, UK. Watts was airlifted to Royal London Hospital and place in an induced coma. This is the second major accident to happen at Leavensden studios this month! The first was an on-set fire that took 15 hours to put out and damaged the set of HBO’s Avenue 5.
Film production was halted for the rest of that day, but is reported that main unit production continued on Tuesday. Universal released a statement on Monday:

“We had an injury on the set of Fast 9 today in Leavensden with one of our stuntmen. We have halted production for the day to focus on this situation.”

Stuntmen/women are so often the unsung heroes of the film/television industry. They take the hits and tuck-n-roll with the punches for our entertainment. Stunt performers are closest we get to superheroes in this world.
I hope Joe Watt makes a full recovery!
Fast & Furious 9 is set to premiere on May 22, 2020.