Jessi Combs Sudden Death Shocks Automotive Community

The automotive world has lost a rare soul this week. The Fastest Woman on 4 Wheels, Jessi Combs has died following a car crash while attempting to break a Land Speed Record. The accident took place on August 27th, in Alvord Desert, Oregon during an attempt to break her own land speed record. Jessi Combs became a house-hold name in the automotive community by co-hosting TV shows like Extreme 4X4, Overhaulin, All Girls Garage, and Mythbusters.

Before being in front of the camera Jessi Combs studied at WyoTech, and off-camera she was a professional driver with events like Kind of Hammers and the Baja 1000 on her resume. She became the Fastest Woman on 4 Wheels in 2013 when she drove the North American Eagle (NaE) Supersonic Speed Challenger and clocked a top speed of 440.709 mph! With the run Jessi Combs broke the previous record land speed record set in 1965 by Lee Breedlove.

The online automotive community has been grieving over the sudden loss of a personality everyone admired. I did not know her on any level, but friends of mine who knew her well have written beautiful sentiments over the kind of person Jessi Combs was. She had a gift of light that would brighten those near. An icon and a role model – her loss is a tragedy.

Charles Bukowski famously wrote, “If you’re going to try, go all the way” in his poem Roll of the Dice. It is fair to say that Jessi Combs lived and died by that quote. Her memory and legend will live on as an inspiration to those lucky enough to have a passion in life. A reminder that dreams never come true unless you try, and win or lose is irrelevant when you’re doing something you love. She will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.

Here’s to the Queen of Speed – Jessi Combs, the Fastest Woman on 4 Wheels.