Apex: The Secret Race Across America

Follows the real life attempt at breaking a Transcontinental Record set in 1983 during the running of the U.S. Express. What does it take to race across America has fast as possible? Forget Gumball 3000, this is the real deal. Balls to the wall in a naturally aspirated Manifest Destiny 3,000 mile sprint across America’s highway system in under 36 hours while averaging speeds well over 75 mph. You’ve heard the myth, seen VINwiki, now it’s time to witness the underground world of outlaw transcontinental racing in Apex: The Secret Race Across America.

The film follows self-made legend, author, journalist Alex Roy (The Drive, Polizei 144) as he embarks on attempting to break the unbeatable 1983 Cannonball 32 hours 7 minutes record from New York City to Los Angeles. Narrated by freaking Ice-T!


The Secret Race Across America goes in depth into the underground world of illegal cross country racing started by automotive journalist Brock Yates in the early 1970s. The first official record was set in 1971 by Brock Yates and professional racer Dan Gurney in a Ferrari Daytona – 35 hours 54 minutes. The Cannonball Run annual race ended in 1979 only to be rebooted as the U.S Express. In 1983 the new record was set at 32 Hours in 7 minutes. Shortly after the Federal Government started writing down names and the race went into hiding never to be heard of until the 2000s.


This is Real Life Fast and Furious

Apex the Secret Race Across America documents Alex Roy’s illegal record attempt at racing from NYC to LA as fast as possible – with you in the driver seat! This film is real life fast and furious with a shaved head lead character driving a super modified (German) hotrod that does its own stunts like the original Eleanor. How fast are you willing to go to achieve something you want?

Apex: The Secret Race Across America airs October 20th at 9:30pm ET on NBC Sports. Soon to be available on iTunes.