RC Oldsmobile Wagon with Active Suspension

Driving a radio controlled car can be a mesmerizing experience. Getting locked in a trance watching this a RC car sprint down an empty parking lot before ripping a 180, or 360 depending on the speed, and hear it skid on the concrete before racing back to your thumbs. Hours can feel like minutes as it often does with any hobby.

Recently, someone has invented a way to give RC cars active suspension to make them bounce, sway, and lean like a real car. The results look nothing short of inspiring watching a 1963 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Wagon strut its new suspension as it rocks to a haul in front of the camera like a true land yacht.

Custom Built Active Suspension Kit for RC Cars

The inventor SuperScale2020 posted about this project on blogger. This active suspension project has taken a year in the making and there is still room for improvement. The blog goes on to describe the process in making this active suspension kit in detail. It also describes the Oldsmobile’s 3D printed hard body and vinyl wrapped livery. Plans to market this as a kit is in the works but the blog goes to say that they were surprised by the internet reaction to this. Assuming that nobody would really care about this project.

I’m not the only one writing about this as footage of the Olds Dynamic 88 rocking and rolling is making the rounds on social media thanks to sites like UNILAD Tech who promoted the video. Think of the possibilities active suspension can bring to the RC enthusiasts. The new levels of creativity it could inspire! Like reenacting famous car chase scenes from movies… Hmm… I may invest in my own RC car if these kits become mainstream in the hobby. I recommend that SuperScale2020 visit the patent office immediately.

If anyone reading this is an active RC enthusiast I want to read your comments. What you think about this suspension set up? What you would do if you purchased a kit? And could this change the game for the hobby? Let me know!