Tesla Breaks in Half During High Speed Impact

A Tesla Model X, Nissan GTR, Ford Mustang convertible, and probably a Volkswagen Golf were written off  Monday, January 20, thanks to a speeding Nissan GTR that ran a red light in Hallandale, FL.

According to 7News Miami, the GTR ran a red light and T-boned the Tesla Model X. The impact was so violent that witnesses said they saw wheels flying over their own cars. The Nissan GTR basically crashed through the Tesla which split in half sending it’s rear-end skidding into a red Mustang convertible. The GTR kept traveling down the boulevard before hitting a tree and spinning to a smoke filled stop. Video and photos show the incredible damage all vehicles involved sustained. Yet, thankfully, no serious injuries were reported with all drivers able to walk away much to everyone’s surprise – including them.

Three people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital but reported that all will recover. And yes, the GTR driver will be getting a court date for causing this accident.



Witnesses say the Tesla driver walked out of the now front-wheel driver Model X and quickly made the religious symbol of a cross (safe to say where he’ll be this upcoming Sunday). The news report goes on to state that witnesses saw the white GTR speeding and cutting through traffic. Considering the force of the impact one can assume that the GTR driver bite off more speed than he could chew. The driver of the Tesla said that the only thing he saw was a white blur just a moment before impact. No time to react.



Breaking in half during a crash is not the best PR for a vehicle with a 5-star crash rating. However, if you look at the footage you’ll notice that the Model X did not rollover. Most SUV’s and crossovers will topple over like dominos during side impacts because of their high center of gravity. Thanks to the Model X having its heavy battery packs on the bottom the electric SUV stayed up right in a scenario where many other SUVs would have probably barrel rolled across the intersection. I’m also very impressed with the GTR staying more or less intact after the impact. Most supercars would have exploded into pieces like Legos hitting the floor.

I think we can all agree that it’s a relief that the Model X wasn’t carrying any rear passengers.

Is There a Lesson Here?

So what do we take away from this? Well, this was a horrendous car accident with no fatalities or a critical injury, which means modern vehicles are nearing their goal of becoming “death-proof”. Here we have 2 vehicles known for their engineering, safety, and speed.

What I take from this story is that no matter how well modern cars are built, how advance their safety features are, or how many driver aids are equipped… the modern driver will find a way to wreck it.