Daytona 500 – More Murican than the Super Bowl

The internet calls him a variety of different many names – some good, some bad, most of them funny. Let’s just call him President, to avoid political debate but mainly because I’m tired of hearing and reading his name all the time – it’s like having a bone stock Civic with a rusty fart can exhaust as a neighbor. Even if you love Honda Civics, the noise can get old quick. This is without even talking about red vs. blue and all the gridlock involved with opening that Pandora’s box. So moving on.

History was made this week as the President was made a Grand Marshal of the Daytona 500 by NASCAR. No other sitting U.S. president have ever done this. The secret service announced on Wednesday that a 30-mile “No Drone Zone” will be in affect during the Daytona 500 in preparation for the president’s attendance.

I’ll let the mainstream do all the speculating and arguing over whether this is a political stunt for the election or a sincere gesture of patriotism for one of America’s original past times. Maybe it’s both? I don’t know and it wouldn’t help if I did. All I care about is the rumor that the President wants to take his $1.5 million dollar presidential limo, aka The Beast, on a lap around Daytona Speedway before the race starts. That’s the part of the story that really caught my attention. A presidential limo going around turn 4 – that sounds cool! Something I would certainly do if I were in a position of power.

The news came from Fox News’ chief White House correspondent John Roberts who cited multiple sources about this on Friday. Final decisions have not been made but it’s a safe bet that the President would jump, figuratively, at the chance to do something no other sitting president has done before him – while maintaining a secure position of attention.

He is already been made a Grand Marshal for the Super Bowl of stock-car racing. Why not throw a cherry on the top of this Cheeto-pie by taking one of the most impressive vehicles ever designed by man out on a parade lap around this historic oval track. Politics aside, I want to see The Beast do a lap, but why stop at just a parade lap? As a proud of American, I 100% support the idea of our president squeezing into a stock-car and be taken on a 180 mph hot lap around Daytona International Speedway – for the pride of a nation!

One thing that comes to mind is who gets to do the safety tech inspection – NASCAR or the Secret Service?