Wash Your Hands and Don’t Panic

No other two word combination brings me more inner tranquility like Douglas Adam’s written quote “Don’t Panic” – except maybe Free Parking.


The mild panic induced by the nonstop coverage of the Coronavirus has taught us several things. Like the dangers of putting a handful of countries in charge of manufacturing everything we use. That a frightening large percentage of people will assume they can get sick from a product that sort of sounds like the name of a virus. Water and toilet paper are the first shelves to go empty during a civil panic.

BUT. The most important lesson from this virus was a reminder to many people that washing your hands is important.

Anyone currently scratching their nose while sitting on the toilet reading this – please. For the love of all gods, spirits, horoscopes , and concepts of a higher power – Wash your hands when you’re finished. Imagine that sign  reminding employees to wash their hands applies to you too.


Clean It Like You Stole It

Clean hands don’t stay clean if your car is a leather wrapped Petri dish of bacteria and germs. CarRentals.com conducted a survey that asked 1,000 people how often they clean the interior of their car. The results found that 32% of people rarely clean and vacuum their vehicle, some said as little as once a year. Sadder still, 12% of people admitted that they never clean their interior.

Think of everything you touch before getting inside your car throughout the day. All the public door handles, table tops, hell even your germ infested smart phone. We’ve all heard the popular statistic that the average steering wheel is dirtier than a public toilet seat. So wiping down the interior of a car shouldn’t be limited to rental fleets and Uber drivers. Steering wheel, gear lever, push button, door handles, and infotainment screens should regularly be wiped down with disinfected cleaning products. I’m not saying you need to do it every time you step inside your car, but definitely more often than those 32%.

For example, I carry disinfecting wipes in all my vehicles. They get the most use when I go pump gas and clean my hands after grabbing the gas-nozzle (also very gross). Once my hands are clean I give the steering wheel and gear lever a quick once over out of sheer muscle memory.

How do you know if the interior of your vehicle is dirty? Answer these questions. Are flies getting stuck in the mystery gunk at the bottom of your cup holder? Do dust twisters dance on the dashboard when you hit the defrost? Can you spell Wash Me on the window, from the inside?  Is there more than once food related wrapper laying on the floor? If you answered yes, or maybe, to any of these questions… Clean your car!


This PSA is inspired by the cancellation of the Geneva Auto Show this year. Concerns about the virus spreading is valid since one of the main points of an auto show is having thousands of people step in and out of cars on display and touching everything that can be touched. People from all walks of life: kids, parents, young people with “active lifestyles”, and anyone else curious about the latest in electric-crossover-coupes.
So remember. Don’t Panic. Wash your hands. And clean your car interior. Clean it like your trying to wipe finger prints off a hot car.

Clean it like your stole it!