Corona Week

What a week. Sports has been cancelled, Tom Hanks is running a fever, and our President can’t stop touching his own face after shaking hands. Things are uneasy as people are unsure just how worried they should be. The bitter irony of having access to all the information in the world at our finger tips and having doubts about the legitimately of any of it.

Regardless. If you are currently sitting in a replica of the throne from Game of Thrones made entirely of toilet paper rolls you should probably take a deep breath. While some may be hording supplies at the slightest sign of trouble there are still plenty of people following the golden rule – don’t panic. These 3 news stories that happened this week prove that we need to be good neighbors to each other. Because there is only one way things we go back to normal, and that is together – at arm’s length, with washed hands.


U-Haul Provides Free Storage & Special Rates to Help College Students

The concern of this outbreak has forced many college universities to close their campuses early leaving many students living in dorms suddenly homeless. Some students may simply pack-up and go back to the bird’s nest, but not all have that luxury. Some college students may be forced to find a temporary living arrangement until this whole ordeal settles down.

U-Haul, in a show of goodwill, is offering free 30-day storage to college students who need a place to put their mini fridges and bean-bag chairs (are those still a thing?). Students are encouraged to call and find out where space is available. Students will also get special rates to rent a trailer or truck, which you can rent if you are 18 or older.


Houston Rodeo Food Vendors Donate Supplies to Food Bank

No doubt many Texans were upset over the cancellation of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. So many brand new pairs of Wrangler jeans and Justin boots will go unseen this year. RCS Carnival Group overseeing 36 food vendors made the best of a bad situation by donating their remaining supplies to local non-profits like the Houston Food Bank.

Truck loads of goods have been arriving at the Houston Food Bank. These supplies will no doubt help people most in need. People like Senior citizens, children who can no longer eat at school, and anyone who is currently struggling economically as a result of the coronavirus. Or people who were unable to beat the panic-shoppers.

While the cancellation of the Houston Rodeo is in itself a massive economical punch below the belt, this is a silver lining that can bring a deep sigh of relief to many.


Fast 9 Movie Debut Pushed Back Until 2021

Okay, I may be alone here but this was one of the best news I heard this week. That the 9th Fast and Furious movie premiere date had been pushed back to 2021. A few more months of peace before the advertising blitzkrieg of Vin Diesel saying the word fatherhood in his best I ‘am Groot voice over scenes of the latest muscle cars pulling off Looney Toons stunts that would make Wile E. Coyote hold up a sign that reads “Ridiculous”.

It’s no secret that I loathe these movies with a redline passion. Why? Because it’s a franchise that involves incredibly dangerous stunts and ruins the stunt team’s work with terrible CGI and strobe-light rapid editing. Also, the dialog and plots are as generic as off-brand oatmeal.


Don’t Panic – Wash Your Hands

Try to be a good neighbor. Keep your hands clean. Avoid touching your face. Stay up to date with your daily vitamin C. Don’t believe every post you read on Facebook. And above all else – Don’t Panic.