Something to Read  for Free

Feeling bored in self-quarantined? Looking for some literary entertainment? How about a series of short stories where cars are the narrators and the owners are characters? Fictional stories told through the headlights of iconic vehicles.

If They Could Talk follows a series of vehicles as they narrate their lives through several owners. A Ford Business Coupe graduates into a life of crime as a bootlegger, a muscle car becoming a garage POW, and a former working van becomes an accessory to murder. The cars do not talk, nor do they move around like Herbie or Christine. You are merely seeing the world through their headlights as they observe and are often perplexed by humanity.

This series came about from the idea of, “what would your car say about you if it could talk?” They witness the truest version of you while simply getting from point A to point B. They listen to your car karaoke, witness bursts of road rage lunacy, and keep your bad habits a secret from significant others.

Each story is different as no two owners are the same. Some have happy endings, while others take a more realistic turn. So if you find yourself starving for something to read I offer these 11 short stories that I have written over the last 5 years. I plan on writing more which is why I’m showing them off to get feedback.

Story List with a brief description for each one.

1964 Volkswagen Beetle – The car is purchased new by a WWII veteran, who works as an engineer in for Ford Motor Company. The Beetle goes through several different owners while living in Motor city during the rise and fall of the muscle car era.

1972 Buick Riviera GS – Paid for in cash by a flashy dressed owner. The car belongs to a successful drug dealer in the early 1970s.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS – Ordered by a solider fighting in Vietnam. It gets delivered to his childhood home. His parents, and little brother, keep the car safe while awaiting his return (This was the very first story I wrote in the series).

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz – A Christmas themed story featuring the king of fin and a snowy stormy night.

1985 Ford Mustang SSP – A Texas Highway Trooper aims to take down a notorious drug smuggler in a modified Buick Grand National GNX with the help of this Foxbody interceptor.

1971 Dodge Tradesman Van – A Halloween themed horror story about a man with a van.

1966 Porsche 911 – Owned by a feel spirit young woman with a real need for speed.

2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 – The last of the Firebirds goes through various owners who have different ideas of what proper maintenance is.

1986 Chevrolet Caprice Classic – Its 1992 and the city of angels is burning.

1940 Ford Business Coupe – Used to haul product in the dead of night. It’s only business.

1959 Buick Electra 225 – Owned by a mean, grouchy, old woman who would never part with her beloved Electra.

Enjoy the reads.
Stay safe. Don’t Panic.