Trial by Weight

If you have any opinion on pickup trucks then you’ve definitely seen the memes poking fun of Ford F-series aluminum built quality. The ongoing debate over whether or not its advertised military-grade aluminum is actually Ford Tough.

One YouTuber has taken it upon himself to settle this debate once and for all by using a custom built 2018 Ford F-350 Limited diesel. YouTube channel WhistlinDiesel has been making a name for itself for doing some truly outrageous stunts/test with trucks. Delivering content that would give the famous old Top Gear Toyota Pickup test a run for its audience.

There most recent video is a test to find out just how much weight you can dump into the back of a Ford aluminum bed. How? By pouring 3 yards or concrete in the bed of his $100,000 F-350 Limited diesel truck. That’s about the weight of 4 mid-size sedans.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another rich-kid You Tubers trashing high-dollar vehicles for the sake of viral fame”. I know because that was my knee-jerk reaction when I first saw this video. But WhistlinDiesel makes an effort to point out that he has a background of hard labor in construction as a self-made individual who found a way to break out and be able to live a life many of us are currently working towards. He also mentions that the person who built this particular truck is one of the sponsors of the video. So don’t shed a tear over the abuse this rather nice Tonka truck gets put through for your entertainment.

The video shows what double the F-350’s max payload does to the physical structure of the truck as it squads like an Instagram booty model under the weight. The coil over suspension compresses and even shifts to the side. The bed shifts backwards as the sides seem to expand out as if it’s nursing a food baby after a holiday dinner.

The test doesn’t stop there as they take the truck on a series of hard brake tests, accelerations, down the highway at 50 mph, and even mange to rip donuts on a field! The Ford F-350 takes the abuse with stride without breaking down or breaking an axle. Impressively, once the concrete is removed, and the truck is given a good power wash, the hydraulic air suspension still worked! The truck drives straight afterwards too.

It is amazing what pickup trucks can be capable of. Anyone who works with them can usually tell you a story of a time they exceeded the factory set limitations of their truck either by accident, on purpose, or out of necessity. Beyond entertainment this video shows that these aluminum Fords can indeed get the job done.