DUI Driver Wrecks $750k Super Car in Manhattan

This morning, At approximately 7:30 am, NYPD responded to the scene of an accident involving a 2014 Gemballa Mirage GT in midtown Manhattan. The Mirage GT is ultra rare, 670 horsepower, super car base off the Porsche Carrera GT. It is/was 1 out of 25 ever built.

The owner was responsive and uninjured. Originally speculated at being stolen, Mirage GT lost control and crashed into a parked minivan. It  was caught on video running a red light in the process of fleeing in the scene.

In total, the $750,000 Gemballa Mirage GT managed to hit 5 vehicles before finally coming to a stop. The driver, who turned out to be the owner, was Benjamin Chen. He was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving while under the influence of drugs by NYPD.

Video Evidence

Videos of the accident were uploaded to YouTube by Legendary Exotics Channel. 

Ben Chen – Jackass of the Week

He is a 30-something example of everything we hate about a certain kind of supercar owner. The entitled showoff who thinks that skill is included in the price of a supercar. The kind of showoff who out-drives their ego and wrecks a new supercar before it even has a chance to hit 6th gear.

Ben Chen is credited as the founder of the infamous Gold Rush Rally – much in the style of other high-dollar rallies like the Gumball 3000. It is a convoy style road trip across country with various checkpoints. Each stop is a party with track day events. Sounds great, on paper, but nothing good can come from a gaggle of 1% percenters trying to one-up each other on public highways while in route to the next party. They are Cannonball posers.

Case in point, the rally has seen its fair share of accidents. In 2013, Chen totaled a rented McLaren MP4-12C in Texas. He lost control and full sent the McLaren into a storage unit locker facility.


Yes it is true that supercars are built for a very specific purpose, but you have to wonder why Chen doesn’t invest in a high-performance driving course. Money can’t buy class, but it can buy classes that’ll teach you how to handle 600+ horsepower.

I loathe this man. Not because he is rich, not because he trashes rare supercars, but because he gives us all a bad name. Normal people don’t see one bad apple; they see an excuse to see anyone with a mild interest in driving as a threat to public safety. He is no different than every other moron who spins out trying to leave a car meet.

He is everything we hate about people who own supercars. Even though he was charged with a DUI this time, odds are he’ll be back behind the wheel eventually. People like Chen should be punished. How? Start with a judge ordered electronic limiter on any new car purchase. You want a new Porsche 911 GT3? No problem, but the car is limited to a max speed of 80 mph. He is UN-roadworthy in my opinion. I wouldn’t trust him with the keys to a Nissan Leaf.

The only silver lining I can think of is that this story gives us all a reason to vent out bottled frustration with the year 2020. No politics, no split debate. Ben Chen is a Grade A, U.S.D.A Prime cut of jackass beef that we can all savor together as we roast over an open fire online for his reckless behavior.

Stick to playing Forza Horizon Chen. Nobody cares if you drive stoned there.