One Last Story for the Month of April

This 3-month-long month of April decided to end by giving us one last jackass of the week. This one comes from my home state of Texas. Marissa Cooper, a 19 year old alleged cocktail waitress from Corpus Christi, and two minors were arrested after a high speed pursuit on Wednesday 28th, 2020. The chase started around 2:45 pm on interstate 37 outside Odem, Texas. Cooper and two other teenaged passengers decided to run when a Texas State Trooper flashed their reds and blues at them for speeding.

Here’s where the story goes full face palm. The three passengers decided to live stream their attempt to flee on Face Book. Why? I don’t know I’m just an aging millennial. Cooper and company live streamed the entire chase. At one point Cooper wishes the cops would just leave her alone. She even confused state troopers for county sheriffs when she exclaimed why they were still chasing her even though they crossed county lines.

The chase lasted 20 miles and involved Blues Brothers levels of DPS Chevy Tahoes and Ford Explorers as they stayed close behind Cooper’s vehicle which looks like a late model Chevy Impala. The posted live stream video you can hear the driver making the decision to “give them a run for their money” if the police “want to keep playing”.

The chase finally ended with a PIT maneuver. Their phones were still streaming and you can hear Cooper’s confidence stall as quickly as her Chevy as her F*** It attitude shifts to fear as she pleads with officers not to shoot her and says she is sorry.

As of right now, Marissa Alexah Cooper Live Stream Video is Still Up on her Profile.

All passengers were arrested and Cooper faces a list of charges that include: possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, engaging in criminal activity-hinder apprehension or prosecution known felon. That last one is allegedly due to the fact that Cooper’s passengers have warrants for their arrest which is why she ran in the first place. Her bond was set at $11,500 according to KRIS 6 News.

Internet Lights a Fire for a Good Roast

The internet has been having a good old fashion Texas BBQ roast over Cooper’s reckless behavior. Her Face Book video has since reached over 2 million views and providing plenty of amble material for the meme-machine generator.

It makes a person think, “If had drugs and passengers with outstanding warrants in the car… maybe stick to driving the speed limit, hit cruise control, and stay under the radar.”

This story reminded me of something an older friend once said, “Kids today are their own worse snitch.” I cannot think of a better supporting argument for his quote than teens live streaming their own police pursuit while using their own names and clearly admitting to their actions.