Buzz Bundy the King of Ski

If you grew up watching TV in the 20th century then you’ve seen Buzz Bundy’s work. If saw a movie or TV show in the last century that featured a car riding on two wheels odds are it was Buzz Bundy behind the wheel. He was the King of Ski, a master class stunt driver. Bundy passed away in May 2020. There are no articles about Buzz Bundy on the internet besides a paragraph bio on IMDb. I felt there needed to be something more dedicated to his work. Buzz Bundy played a role in providing entertainment several generations grew up on, both on and off screen.


Buzz Bundy was born Donald Frank Bundy on August 11th, 1930. Bundy’s driving career started out in Auto Thrill Shows. A traveling road show that featured jumps, stunts, and crashes with virtually stock production cars. Bundy drove in these stunt road shows for over 25 years. He even performed at the 1964 World’s Fair jumping Dodge pickup trucks.

It wasn’t until the later 1960’s that his focus shifted more into TV and film work. One of Bundy’s more famous movie scenes is in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Bundy was the stunt driver who drove the red Ford Mustang up on two wheels through the alleyway that was just six feet wide. His last movie credit on his IMDb was in 2011 working on stunts for Fast Five. Other movie credits include Get Carter, Twins, and Police Academy.

Buzz Bundy was so well known for his skill of driving four wheels using only two that he became a regular for TV shows like Knight Rider, the Fall Guy, and Dukes of Hazzard. Anytime you saw K.I.T.T or the General Lee skiing it was Buzz earning a pay day. He was Hollywood’s go-to for this stunt because time is money. You can’t risk totaling a stunt car in a rollover. You have to hire a driver that can nail it on the first take so production can move on the next stunt.

Interview with the King of Ski Himself

The video below was filmed in 2009. Stuntman Jamey Smith interviewed Buzz Bundy for the Hot Rod Network channel. Bundy talks about his career, favorite stunt, and most memorable injury that involved a Knight Rider Trans Am and a broken back.

More of the interview with the King of Ski, Buzz Bundy.

I heard Bundy once skied a semi-truck with a trailer, but have not found a creditable source to back it up. That’s a problem when people don’t give these professionals the exposure they so rightfully earned. If anyone reading this knows more about Mr. Buzz Bundy please reach out to me. I’ll gladly update this article with new information. Every stunt performer should have at least one page on the internet devoted to their legacy on screen.

Stunt men and women rarely get the spotlight they deserve for doing the impossible. You never see their face or bother to read their name during the credits. It’s a shame because while we love actors who pretend to be superheroes Hollywood stunt performers are actually the closest we have to the real thing. These are people who jump off buildings, can be set on fire, crash through windows, and survive back breaking wrecks.

Anyone who calls themselves a movie buff should also know the names of these brave, sometimes insane, stunt men and women. Those who risk life and limb to get the shot we want to see.
Rest in Peace Buzz Bundy. Thank you for all your hard work in making entertainment.