The Stainless Steel Fords

The year was 1935 and Ford Motor Company and Alleghney Ludlum steel decided to work together. They wanted to promote the durability of stainless steel. The end results from this collaboration was the production of six stainless steel 1936 Ford Deluxe Sedans. It wasn’t enough just to build them the goal was to showcase strength and reliability. For ten years these stainless Ford sedans hit the road and racked up 200,000 miles before “retiring” in 1946. Out of the six sedans built four remain.

In 1960, Ford built two stainless steel Thunderbirds. The last time Ford and Allegheny worked on this was in 1967. This time they used the Lincoln Continental as their model and built three stainless steel convertibles. These cars were also tested to high mileage. In total, Ford built 11 of these stainless steel cars. Now, there is an opportunity to bid on a complete set of stainless Fords without reserve.

The Auburn Auction will be auctioning off a trio of these stainless steel Fords. Featuring one Deluxe sedan, Thunderbird, and Lincoln Continental. All in museum condition and planning to be auctioned with no reserve asking price. It is believed that these cars will fetch a collective price over seven figures. Not surprising since these are ultra low number vehicles with their own specific note in automotive history. Auction takes place Labor Day weekend in Auburn, Indiana.