American Muscle’s Top Five Recommended Modifications for EcoBoost Mustangs

For nearly 20 years American Muscle has grown to be one of the leading a online speed shops for Ford Mustangs. Providing go-fast aftermarket parts to give Mustangs more kick for their buck. With years of experience in the aftermarket part industry American Muscle has launched a monthly video series Hot Laps hosted by Justin Dugan. These videos are carted to specific model years. They offer advice and recommendations on modifications that can deliver the best performance.

In this month’s American Muscle Hot Laps, Justin gives his top five modifications for EcoBoost Mustangs 2015 and up. Justin breaks down his recommendations into traction, styling, sound, and power. Starting with a set of Rovos wheels and Mickey Thompson tire combo that’ll add style and grip. Explaining which combination of Bora exhaust and Turbosmart blow off valve will make your EcoBoost Mustang roar. Ending with his recommendation for the best aftermarket part to gain noticeable performance under the hood.


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