Nobody Likes a Show-Off, Especially When They Hit You With a Car

A crowd of people with cameras, a supercharged V8 engine, and traction control switched off has the seduction to turn any driver into a full-on cave dweller. The textbook example of this happened on November 8, in Houston, Texas, at a gather of high-end supercars. As usual, a large crowd of people stood by the exit with phones and go-pros in hand, ready to film Porsches, AMG-Mercedes, and Hellcats flex their high-torque muscle as they leave the parking lot.

Ideally speaking, the goal is to give the car some gas, just enough to hear the engine sing and give the people a taste of the kind of power the driver has under control. There have been enough cases of drivers spinning out and driving into crowds and other cars that people now wait with anticipation to see some tire-smoking drama – like spectators at a NASCAR race waiting to see a wreck.

In this case, the star of the fail is a blue camo-wrapped 485 hp Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack doubling as a mobile billboard for the owner’s YouTube and social media handles. The driver stops in the middle of the multi-lane boulevard to do what muscle cars are born to do – turn rear wheels into clouds. As the Charger begins to leave a dark set of elevens in the pavement, the car starts to slide sideways. You can see in the video posted on High Tech Corvette’s YouTube channel, the driver of the Charger realizes a moment too late that the car is too loose for comfort. The car slides into a 180 spin and bumper carts its way into a parallel parking job hitting several people in the process.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt, and the crowd seemed almost sympathetic as they allowed the Charger to leave the scene before law enforcement arrived. However, suppose those who were hit by the Charger do decide to press charges. In that case, they’ll have plenty of video proof as several videos capturing the incident have been posted on YouTube alone. The comment sections have been having a bonfire roasting the driver for being, well, an idiot.

The lesson to take away from this is fighting the urge to show off, especially if you have your personal social media info plastered all over the car.