A Tragic Loss in the Car Community

On Monday, January 2, 2023, Pro rally driver and Hoonigan co-founder Ken Block was killed in a snowmobile accident in Utah. The tragic news was confirmed by local authorities from the Wasatch County Sheriff’s office. 

This tragic loss is a sudden and brutal hit to the motoring community worldwide. His impact on car culture spans from pioneering automotive filmmaking to adding words to our lexicon. 

Known by many as a gentleman, Ken Block’s legacy as a professional driver will be immortalized on our digital screens. No matter what the future of personal transportation has in store for our community, his content will live on as a snapshot in automotive history when outrageous stunts, mind-bogging performance figures, and energy drinks were a staple of the internet’s ever-expanding catalog. An influencer by definition, Mr. Ken Block is the father of hooning who’s work will continue to inspire for generations.

My deepest condolences to the Block family and their close friends as the car community mourns the loss of an iconic driver.