The Daydream Comes True, for a Week

The Lexus LC 500 is easily one of the most stunning vehicles in the post-Y2K century. This four-seater sports car captivated my gift of sight the first time I laid eyes on it at a media event in 2017. But, unlike other cars of the sports and super variety, I wasn’t interested in how fast the LC 500 went around a track or what kind of cutting-edge technology lurked under the dashboard. Instead, I was distracted by its good looks. 

I was and still am starstruck by the Lexus LC 500. Even after over half a decade in production, the glam and elegant sports luxury car still ignites my daydream-drive- fantasies whenever I see one in public. Now, I had the opportunity to make that fantasy a reality, if only for one week. 

lexus LC 500 coupe

My Week with Lexus 

The exterior color of this Lexus LC 500 is called Caviar, contrasting beautifully with its carbon fiber roof and Circuit Red interior. Its 21-inch forged alloy wheels sparkled in the Texas spring sun as I walked around the car, vibrating with excitement holding the key fob to this rolling sculpture for the next seven days. 

Head turning is how I sum up my week with the Lexus LC 500. Driving down to see the Rio Grande River and skip rocks across to Mexico, cruising through the one-percenter downtown districts of San Antonio, and basking in the sunset of rural ranch roads.

The LC 500 always stood out no matter the background, and people always took notice. Most had bewildered looks, not knowing what kind of car it was but knew it came with an expensive price tag. 

The few who knew what it was were either pleased or incredibly excited to see one up close. The term “dream car” came up on several occasions while speaking with strangers that came up to ask questions about the car.

This Lexus LC 500 can part crowds and leave an air of mystery in its wake. Most people can recognize a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Corvette, but they’ll scratch their heads when looking at an LC 500. That’s the key feature of this car – effortless exclusivity. 

This sports car doesn’t need a saturated vinyl wrap, fancy opening doors, loud exhaust, motorsport pedigree, or a trunk that can fit a set of golf clubs to be validated. 

Efficient and Satisfying Performance 

Under the sculpted hood lies a proper 5.0-liter V8 engine generating 471 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission with magnesium paddle shifters providing smooth and responsive gear shifts. The LC 500 can sprint from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds in Sport S+ mode.

What I like most about the Lexus V8 is the fine-tuned quality that can be felt and heard when you lean on the throttle. It shifts through RPMs at a moment’s notice by your command. 

The LC 500 also features a rear-wheel drive system with excellent handling and agility. It has a sport-tuned suspension system offering a comfortable ride and precise handling, with 21-inch forged alloy wheels to match its performance with style.

Furthermore, the V8 gets surprisingly decent gas mileage under normal driving conditions. I averaged 24 mpg during my weeklong road test in the Lexus LC 500. But more importantly, this is a V8 sports coupe that does not provoke or tempt you to push the boundaries of city or state traffic laws. Instead, it presents the option to do so on a silver platter while wearing white gloves. 

Too Cool to Be Mad

In one instance, I found myself 140 miles from home on a Texas interstate during a moonless night. A tranquil driving setting if it weren’t for the unexpected road construction that slowed the 80 mph traffic to a dead stop. I felt microscopic sitting in the LC 500, looking up at the giant diesel-gargling commercial trucks surrounding us on all three sides. 

Ordinarily, having my V8-powered midnight drive ruined by stationary traffic would trigger my inner monologue to start ranting manifestos rivaling history’s most vile dictators. But on this night, I was inside the Lexus’ cozy cabin. So, I folded the side mirrors and tilted the rearview to block the blinding LEDs from the diesel-chugging Kenworth behind me and settled into the dark cabin.

Nestled in, I begin scrolling through my phone for a podcast using Apple CarPlay. A testament to the level of comfort a Lexus LC 500 can deliver. 

A BMF Sports Car  

Few lines are as depressing as the popular saying, “You can’t have nice things.” It usually comes from a bleak state of mind when something gets ruined by the world’s most chaotic force of nature – humans. However, while that saying may hold some truth, it shouldn’t stop one’s desire to obtain said nice things, especially when considering buying a Lexus LC 500. While its $95k starting point doesn’t pitch pennies, it is worth every dime. 

What you get for your money’s worth is an elegant sports coupe that is as quick as it is pleasant to look at. Gorgeous styling that can easily fool the automotive ignorant into thinking it’s worth double its MSRP.

It’s a sports car in its purest form. It’s not trying to be a star in the country club valet or set a new track record. It’s a lone wolf, an outsider too strong to be an underdog and not interested in being a contender. It just walks the Earth like Jules Winnfield at the end of Pulp Fiction, and what’s cooler than being a BMF?