Live Police Chase

On Tuesday September 13th, Californian news networks dusted off their ‘Live Police Pursuit’ graphics and took to the skies to cover the latest police chase story. This chase involved a semi-truck that had been stolen from a company that transported toxic waste materials. The driver? A man on the edge who didn’t want to go back to jail.

It reads like the bar napkin draft to a 90’s summer blockbuster right? A semi-truck being driven by an ex-con who won’t be taken alive while hauling toxic material on a high speed chase through the sunshine belt. I’d watch that if it starred a 90’s Bruce Wills as the determined cop and an 80’s Mel Gibson as the truck driver.

Photo credit, CBS Los Angles 

How many of us have day dreamed about what life would be like if it played out like a movie? But we all know the real answer. Real life can be everything from exciting and beautiful to tragic and depressing, but mostly its dull. Even great movies based on true events need a little creative seasoning to make it Oscar worthy.

The outcome of this chase was, thankfully, a peaceful one. The driver surrendered willingly after being on the run for several hours. The toxic material turned out to be non-flammable, non-radioactive, and non-explosive. The original truck driver was not found tied up in the back with a gag in his mouth. He was away when the truck was stolen and arrived to pick up his reg after the chase. A happy ending to a blockbuster worthy beginning.

Read the full story at CBS News.