Dedicated to Moms of the Automotive Community

For the moms, and mother figures, with sons and daughters that grew up to be car enthusiasts; either by accident or on purpose. Raising a car-person is never easy and its important that we tell our moms:



We’re sorry that our passion in life is a dangerous one.

Sorry for the worry we leave behind when we go for a drive.

We wish we could give you peace of mind, but that’ll never happen.

To worry is to love unconditionally


Thank you

Thank you for  putting up with our obsession with speed and noise.

For listening to our ramblings of numbers and jargon with a smile because we you’re happy that we are happy.

For never telling us to stop, but always reminding us to be safe.

It wouldn’t be the same without your support.

I Love You Mom


Thank a car-mom today! Because being one is never as easy as they make it look.

Happy Mother’s Day!