Montgomery Gentry’s Speed

In 2002, country band Montgomery Gentry released a song titled Speed. This is a heartbreak song for car enthusiasts.

Experiencing heart break is part of life and can come in a wide variety of ways. From a sweetheart that sat across from you in class, a favorite TV show character being killed off, or losing your car to a distracted driver in a Honda Pilot. Being heartbroken is a tough time, and everyone handles it differently. The number of songs dedicated to the life of the brokenhearted make for a killer playlist. However, rarely do we (car people) have a song that relates to both our love of automotive and a love now lost.

Montgomery Gentry’s Speed tells the story of man who is so consumed by the woman who broke his heart that he decides mother speed is the only answer. He takes his truck, which reminds him of her, and trades it in for a “souped up muscle car” to try and outrun his feelings for her. The car in question is a 1969 Plum Crazy Purple Plymouth Roadrunner (nice).

Be honest, after reading that how many of you would do that same thing in his shoes? Use a fast car to try and outrun the pain. As the song goes, “Cause all I really need is an open road and a whole lot of speed.” Any gearhead can relate to that. Going for a drive and try to leave it all behind is the stuff of day dreams while at school, work, or traffic. This is simply a great car song!

Country music is often a yay or nay with most people but even if you are not a fan of country music I encourage you to take 3 minutes of your time to listen and watch this music video. More importantly listen to the lyrics that are so in tune with the mind of a gearhead.