Toyota Launches New Ad Campaign – We’re Here For You

Throughout the month of March Toyota has been answering the call for help during the COVID-19 crisis. To the extent that they’ve pulled their scheduled ad campaign and created a new one called “We’re Here For You”. They have donated gloves, masks, cotton swabs, safety glasses, shoe/boot covers, and blankets to first responders, hospitals, and emergency management teams. Provided on-going support to non-profit organizations and utilizing their expertise to provide vitally important medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in North America.
Toyota announced on March 27th, that they were going to use several of their North American facilities to begin the manufacturing process of 3-D printed face shields. Production is set to kick off as early as this week. These face shields will be distributed to UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, MD Anderson in Houston, and other hospitals in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.
The Toyota Production System Support Center (TPSSC) has also started to collaborate with at least two medical supply companies to lend their expertise in manufacturing/engineering to improve their capacity for essential medical equipment like ventilators, respirators, and other medical devices. In fact, any medical supply company looking for this kind of assistance can submit an inquiry to:

Toyota is also ready to produce COVID-19 face masks and currently looking for a partner to provide the filters for these masks. Most notably is their support in helping hospitals organize drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites.

Toyota Financial Service

Toyota is also doing its part financially with the its new Toyota Financial Service (TFS). Offering payment relief, payment extensions or lease deferred payments to customers affected by this pandemic. Special programs will be offered to Toyota customers who are near the end of their lease who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. These benefits will also be offered to Lexus customers through their own program (LFS).
This crisis is going to impact nearly every aspect of our global society. Silver linings can be seen amongst the dark clouds that currently loom over us. Seeing auto manufactures take action against this pandemic is a positive, welcoming, helping hand that also provides a sense of hope. Now more than ever we need to stay grounded and aware of the gravity of the situation. Without losing sight that for better or worse we will overcome this global crisis together.
Don’t panic. Wash your hands. Stay home as much as possible.